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Error with Exchange after removing Demoting Win2k Domain Controller

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Last Modified: 2012-05-05
The network has 2 Win2003 domain controllers and 1 Win2000 domain controller. Exchange 2003 is running on one of the Win2003 domain controllers. The older Win2k DC was no longer needed and so we demoted it but now it seems to have broken Exchange on the Win2003 server. Its prompting users for logon and generally disconnecting them from Outlook etc...

When going into Exchange System Mgr. it gives the error "there is no such object on the server ldap provider ". Obviously Exchange was somehow tied to the old Win2000 domain controller.

The Win2000 domain controller was a Global Catalog server as well. The other Win2003 DC's were not set as GC's so prior to demoting the Win2000 DC we set the other Win2003 servers as GC's as well. Then left it for a couple of days thinking that replication would be carried out. Then demoted the Win2000 server.

Any suggestions on how to approach? Thanks
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Go to your Exchange System Manager and right click on the server, then click "Properties".

Select the "DS Access" tab and change the DC and Config servers to set the new DC.

Click OK.

Wait 5 minutes.


In Systems Manager all I see is Recipients and Tools now. No server is showing? Under Recipients are only templates.
It was a security issue. I re-logged in on the administrative account and can see the server in the Systems Manager. The server is showing in the Directory Access tab.

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