Looking for a good Photo Viewer / Utility program like VUEPRINT

I've been a diehard Hamrick Vueprint user for many years, but now the product won't display JPGs taken by my new Nikon D80.  In addition, it doesn't support tagging.

I'm looking for a utility application that very quickly and easily allows you to view, delete, crop, lighten/darken & apply tags to photos.  I'm not looking for a full graphics editor like PhotoShop (which I already have).


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I've used ACDSee for years and was very pleased with it. I now use Mac's exclusively so no need for ACDSee anymore.

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NEMCAuthor Commented:
I'm working with the trial version of ACDSee Pro.  It comes pretty close.  It's different enough, that I may be able to learn it / customize it to the point where it will be an effective choice.  

Merete, I'll take a look at those suggestions.  

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Try IrfanView, its simple, fast, and free


yes true ifran is good but don't you hate that silly red icon with the black bandana displayed all over your photo folders, since it takes ownership of all images it changes the icon to that awful looking splat thing.

Merete, you can change those (from Irfanview FAQ) http://www.irfanview.com/faq.htm:

Q: How can I change the icon for IrfanView associations?
A: Go to Properties->Extensions and choose the Miscellaneous button. Here you can set other icon(s) for associated file types.

Q: How can I change the desktop icon for IrfanView?
A: This is a standard Windows feature. Right click on the desktop icon, then 'Properties'. Now you can set another icon (change icon) or remove/change the hotkey for the program start.

I have seen where you can add text in Irfanview, but I haven't seen how to tag.
right thank you Daydreams I prefer to view my images in windows picture fax viewer. picasa is great
paintshop pro.
 I use my own image viewer tools that came with my cameras. and camcorders
NEMCAuthor Commented:
I'm going to work with ACDSee Pro.  It has the features I'm looking for, but I find it a little unweildy to use.  Thanks to everyone!
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