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Best way to use 2 network servers and 1 storage server

Here is what I have to work with:
Hardware: (2) Dell PowerEdge 2950 Servers; (1) Dell PowerVault NF 500
Software:  2950 servers have Windows server 2003; PowerVault has Windows Storage Server 2003

These servers will be used for storing documents and for active directory only.

Question, what is the best way to setup this network to utilize each server and create redundancy.  I would like to allow for any one server to be able to go down without stoping the users from being able to work.  All of the email functionality will be carried on 2 other servers.


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Install DNS and DHCP on both.
Make them both domain controllers
Create a domain DFS root that points to the PowerVault for your network shares

Set up half your DHCP scope on one server and the other half on the other server.


Is there a way to replicate the files stored on the storage server so that I can have a "backup" location to point users to?  
Yep.  DFS is pretty good about that.  Not only does it replicate the data,  but it will forward users to one or the other in a form of load balancing.  It is automatic,  and should meet your goals.

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