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Question about Terminal Server 2003 licensing the licenses are pending or unknown

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Last Modified: 2010-04-21
Our customter has Terminal Server licensing Installed on his W2003 Small Business Server, and on his W2003 Server. If I'm right the two licensing servers are connected and exchanging the license information.

Our customer contacted us because he wanted to add 5 device CALs, everytime we try to add the licenses the status is pending and if we click the back button and the next button we get status unknown (after a while) the result is that no licenses are added.

What could be the cause of this problem and what is the problem?

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Walter Van Hecke
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you are probably adding the licenses with a roaming profile. Roaming profiles cannot have key containers.
There is a patch for it.


Best of luck!
Michael WorshamCloud/Infrastructure Solutions Architect

Which server is acting as the TS Licensing server -- the SBS or the 2K3 one?


There are no roaming profiles configured on the network.
TS is the W2K3.

more info i can give is, we tried to activate the license through a RDC connection. I don't know it this matters and it are TS device CALs.
Cloud/Infrastructure Solutions Architect
Are both servers acting as the TS licensing server? If so, there might be a problem.

Terminal Services License Server Status Appears as UNKNOWN

When you try to activate a Terminal Services Licensing Server, you may receive the following error message:

The licensing wizard cannot connect to the selected License Server. Make sure the licensing service is installed and running. Also, when you select the licensing server, the Activation Status appears as "UNKNOWN".

How to override the license server discovery process in Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services

TS FAQ Guide:


We found the cause actually.

The SBS has a license server installed but the 2nd machine not. Through the 2nd machine TS was searching for a license server at its localhost and therefor could not activate the licenses.

So now we set it to point at the SBS.


was indeed the license server that was pointing incorrect

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