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Outlook 2007 Browser Link

I often get emails with Outlook 2007 with browser links.  When I click on them, Netscape comes up by default.  How do I change it so that IE comes up by default?
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Top Expert 2008
Hello lcor,

In Netscape, disable the option to check if it is the default browser.

In IE, enable the option to check if it is the default browser.
     * Select "Tools | Internet Options" from the main menu in Explorer.      
    * Change to the "Programs" tab.  
    * Check the "Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser" option.
    * Click "OK".
    * Close all Explorer windows and restart the system. Once the system comes back up, restart Explorer.
    * When the "Would you like to make [Internet Explorer] your default browser?" prompt appears, click "Yes" to make Explorer the default browser.


Hope this helps!

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