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Configure Firewall

I have replaced a westell DSL modem (provided by Centurytel and a piece of junk) with a ZOOM ADSL MODEM/Router.  So far I am pleased with it's performance.  I am starting to feel confident in my connection and it appears to be now stabilized.  However, I am having troubled configuring the firewall.  It is not user friendly in that way.  Can someone help determine that the firewall is even turned on?  And determine at what level it is at, or even how to turn it off.  I might not want to use it at all.  I can't seem to get control of it.
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i had a zoom router and in my experience the tech support at zoom were good and knew what they were doing.

Its free and i would call them and let them walk you through the steps


do you remember how to just turn it off?  I just upgraded part of all the Norton software I have.  And this upgrade  has turned on it's own firewall/phishing and all that goods stuff.  so, I thought I would try to turn off the zoom firewall while I decide which way to really go with it.  It has been my experience that multiple firewalls running is not a good thing, at all.  So, if you can remember how to turn it off, that would be great!  I tried, and I think I did.  But, the Zoom live help is not open today and I can't find a phone number.  The Norton firewall is a much more user friendly component.  I am trying to figure all of this out, and am just happy now to have a modem that appears to be working much better than that westell junk!  

do you remember how to to get into the modem with the ip address?  and what model is it?


The model is 5590C.  The IP address I see is:
in the web browser address type in \\  at the main page click on advanced set up, pick the firewall tab and choose disable


there were two tabs there, one for 'Advanced Firewall Filtering' and one for 'Intrusion Detection'.  I disabled both of them.   Well, I disable the second one.  The first one 'Advanced Firewall Filtering' was never enabled.
I should be good now!!
Thank you for your help and patience!

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