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Convert FrontPage extensions to php

Because of a change in host, we need to convert FrontPage extensions to php.  Being only moderately experienced web developers (this is a charitable organization) we are a little swamped.  We have extensive application and database development experience which isn't a whole lot of help.  If we could just remove the extension pages (fillable forms) we would be way ahead.
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I'm not well versed in frontpage extensions, as I'm mostly a PHP programmer.

But from what I know, that's not possible.

frontpage server extensions, correct me if I'm wrong, assist the developer in administering and authoring a website built with frontpage. It's designed specifically for IIS and frontpage.

There isn't a PHP equivalent.
I concur with nolib's assumption.
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I agree with nplib..

could you list the actual components you are using on the site : ie: buttons: etc

if it is just publishing, you could use FP to publish via FTP..

as you are a charitable organization - some of us experts may be able to help if it just a few extension that need converting


Turns out the a lot of the things we thought were dependent on the extensions are "WebBots."
We use our website to inform the community about assistance we can provide.  In the future, how would we contact experts for assistance.  We are registered with the IRS so time spent could be deductible.  Thanks

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