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Server trying to boot from external USB drive

I have an HP ML150 with SATA Raid configured.  Windows 2003 server boots from that raid configuration.  I recently added an external USB drive to the server and now it tries to boot from that device unless I unplug it when the server is posting.
I went through the bios settings and the new external hard disk shows up under hard disks when I expand that boot option along with my raid array.
My boot order looks like this.
+hard disks
   SATA Raid
   Tandberg (this is the external drive)
Notice that hard disks are expanded and you cannot move something up or down in that expanded list. I haven't checked Tandbergs website yet.
Here is the product http://www.rdxquikstor.com/ 
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see if you can delete the usb drive off the boot list... and i think i read something about changing the bootability of a drive by changing its boot attributes of its partition(s)... idk

Sounds like a possible IRQ, memory address, or I/O conflict. Maybe the comptuer thinks the USB drive is the bootable raid array.

If you can, go into safe mode and check for IRQ, DMA, I/O, and memory address conflicts. You can find this in administrative tools>>system information.

If not, reset the bios battery and see if that magically fixes the issue. Alternatively, you might want to try to flash the BIOS.  
GO into disk management on the server, and assign the USB device a higher drive number, like U for USB.  If this is a server OS, it should remember that drive designation, and will not try to boot from it.  Also look on the USB drive contents, remove NTDETECT.COM and NTLDR if they are there.  And as IDK said, go into the BIOS and reorder the boot sequence, hard disk first, CD second, USB third.

 If it is still trying to boot from the USB, your boot loader on the C drive might be bad.  recovery console, FIXBOOT C: will fix that.  ALso, check the boot INI file on C, make sure it says this --

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect

That is a standard C drive boot for the boot loader.
I havecome across this problem on a HP server that I have and there is a bIOS option which will stop the boot order. The Boot sequence must be set along with another obscure option.
But I know you dont have to muck aorund with the BOOT ini or any software settings on the hard drives, as you may end up causing more problems than you have!


Hi James,
Can you be more specific about your exact fix?  Mine is also an HP server ML150.
Another solution would be greatly appreciated as the accepted one did not fix the problem.  I should probably reopen this question.  
Ive just checked the BIOS and in theboot order menu, you need to bring the USB2.... to the bottom of the list and there is a USB boot enabled option on that screen. i have disabled this and thats what did the trick.


Hmm.  I could have sworn that I did that exact thing.  I'll have to go back on site and take a second look at it.

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