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how do i exhange information between 2 tables

gevensen asked
filemaker pro version 9 for windows
I have 2 tables
One is a master membership table ( i use a form view to input data)
The second is a table that records dues payments ( i also use a form view to input data)
I have already figured out how to look up the ID number in the membership table using a popup window and input it into the corresponding field in the dues record without having the mebership record opened.
But when I retrieve that ID number I would like the data from the membership file (name address city state zip that is associated with the member ID) to automatically be inputted in the form i use for entering dues payments
I am having a difficult time finding any decent scripting examples or maybe im looking in the wrong places
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there is not real need for a script though you can do it this way.
simply create the req. fields in the due table and make them auto-entered type/look-up, from the relationship dues/membership based on the ID + field which contains the info you wanna get into the due form field(s).
if not clear, post your file, I'll make it to show you.


enclosed is the file, i tried several adjustments but havent figured it out yet
you will see an icon verify record on the receive ministerial tithe
what i was going to do was enter the ID from a simple popup and then click verify to pull the data related to that number from the NJMD Ministry file to insure that if there are people with the same last name in the files we can verify we picked the right account number
i couldnt attach the file here so i uploaded it to my server
the location is www.njupc.org/transfer/njmd.fp7



i moved it to a new directory the file name was all caps

i tried this one


ok; works now


Im not seeing any changes??

You obviously missed the 1st lesson at the filemaker school, and God is of no help in this situation!
I did:
- changed the link for using IDs only
- created a fullname field to reduce the identity to a single field to have them both in the popup menu (next)
- created a new list for the popup menu to show first and lastname, but insert the ID field.
 and that's all...
If you come across dups using last + first name, the rest of the info will tell you. I also displayed the ID in the Dues layout for a quick check, but any other information can do this job either.

I deleted you "check" script as it could not work.
getting info from related records when you can't use looked up data is not done this way anyway, simply use
set field [local name] = [related_table::related_field]
the file back:
our posts got crossed, when I said, it works, it meant I could download it!
how could have I uploaded it back??!

Now it works! presumably...


yes it works

i am new to filemaker but have some previous experience in borland c++

i havent found a good book on it yet, it seems the documentation ive seen so far
isnt that good

thanks for the answer!

c++ does not really help for filemaker I am afraid. some sql or php would be closer maybe...
and about books, I can't recommand anything since I never read one since V4, but I heard that criticism quite often, especially since v7.
I remember the v4 filemaker original book was very good, I never needed more.
But as this cost is important, they probably cut it down as usual.


ill figure it out, ive been learning some cs3 flash too and dreamweaver cs3 but i seem to like this better than MS access

c++ is very different a lot more base level

but i see what you did and made a few changes already

im sure i will be asking a few more ez questions

again thanks for the help

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