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Buzzing noise from computer through speakers


I've recently been experiencing a buzzing noise coming from my computer, through my speakers. This noise is consistent and increases/turns scratchy when I scroll a page. I've never experienced this problem before and the setup is the same. I was told it might be a mains feedback loop and so have plugged both the computer and amp directly into a wall socket but this has not resolved the issue.
My setup is a Macbook Pro connected to a Marshall AS50R acoustic amp (second channel, aux connector) via a mini-jack-to-phono lead.

Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks.
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this may be a duff earth connection or  poor earth on the mains.
have you tried holding a portable radio (switched on) next to the MAC and see if the mac interferes wit hthat?  as it sounds like the MAC does not have suffienct shielding around the motherboard  
I had that problem when I had a wireless mouse.

Stuck in a cordless and the buzzing went away.
http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=86655 This issue is multi-threaded in the Apple forums. The first link is Apple's putative fix. From the amount of threads on this topic there, I wonder if it is definitive though. As i read through the threads I suspect that there is a real board issue at play. You might want to consider just circumnavigating the whole thing until a hardware fix appears by buying a usb device like an maudio pre or a similar firewire device and eschew using the mini-jack out completely. Sad, if it is hardware on their pro line.

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