SQL query - Shipped on time report

I am required to build a query that allows me to provide details relating to Order shipment information :
Here is the table :
Order No ,  Customer , order created( date time )  , order shipped ( date time )

From this simple table is it possible to get the following information  ( grouped by customer ) between to dates ( Order created date > blah and order created date < blah ) :

Number of Orders
Orders shipped on time
Order not shipped ontime
Percentage shipped on time ( number shipped on time / number of orders )
Percentage not shipped on time ( number not shipped on time / number of orders )

To classify as shipped on time : if the order is created before 4.00 pm it must be shipped same day before 4.00 pm , if how ever  the order is created after 4.00 pm the order is required to be shipped before 4.00 next day. When calculating - Saturday and Sundays are not to be considered and the following dates ( holidays ) must also not be considered ( 01/01/2008 , 03/02/2008, 04/01/2008  US date format )

Any other order that does not meet this criteria is deemed to be NOT shipped on time.
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David ToddSenior DBACommented:

The shipped on time thing could be complex to calculate. I think that you might need to build a calendar table, and create a function to return 1 -- yes, or 0 -- no called isShippedOnTime

But the core code is something like this
  , count( t.orderNo )
  , sum( dbo.isShippedOnTime( t.OrderNo )) as OrdersShippedOnTime
  , sum( 1 - dbo.isShippedOnTime( t.OrderNo )) as OrdersNotShippedOnTime
from myTable t
  t.OrderCreatedDateTime between @StartDate and @EndDate
group by

simple function
create function dbo.isShippedOnTime( @OrderNo integer )
returns bit
@declare @Create datetime
@declare @Shipped datetime

select @Create = t.CreateDateTme, @Shipped = t.ShippedDateTime
from dbo.myTable t
where t.OrderNo = @OrderNo

if datediff( day, 0, @Create ) = datediff( day, 0, @Shipped ) -- shipped same day
  return 1

if @Create > dateadd( hour, 16, dateadd( day, datediff( day, 0, @Create ), 0 )) -- order after 4pm
  if datediff( day, 0, @Create ) = datediff( day, 0, @Shipped ) - 1 -- shipped next day
    return 1

if datepart( weekeday, @Create ) = 6 -- friday
  if datediff( day, 0, @Create ) = datediff( day, 0, @Shipped ) - 3 -- shipped monday
    return 1

-- holiday calculation to do here ...
return 0


if (select t.createDateTime from myTable t

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I_J_EvansAuthor Commented:
There will be some order sthat will not be picked up in this - I wil have to think about it and get back to you. Thanks for the direction in creating a specifc fucntion for this type of calculation
I_J_EvansAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the idea of the fucntion , we have succefully build one now that meets what we need to do.
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