iPod Photo won't startup, displays battery symbol/lightning bolt


My iPod photo has ceased functioning. When i plug into my mac or into the mains adapter it does nothing until i reset it, at which point it will display a battery symbol with a lightning bolt at one end which disapears after a couple of minutes. I gather this means it's very low on charge and is in a kind of 'warm-up' mode but i've left it plugged into both my mac and adapter for several hours and still nothing.
Is the battery screwed & if so, will I have to rip the disk out and put it in a caddy to back up my data as I have no backup and want my music/photos off it.

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I had a similar problem with my 60GB iPod and had to return it for replacement.  Fortunately I was able to connect to it as an external HD and get everything off of it that way.  Had to rename all the files though - they change when they are copied to the iPod.
it sounds to me like your battery is dead... i had a friend that had something like that happen to their ipod... i think she had to send it off to apple to get a new one put in it :(... i think there is a way to reset/refresh the ipod, and it wouldnt hurt to try that before you sent it off... i think you have to hold the menu button for 30 second or something like that...
http://www.rapidrepair.com/shop/ipod-repair-guides.html here it is you hold the center button and the menu for 6 seconds to reset/refresh the ipod
digitalPencilAuthor Commented:
As I said in the OP, i've already reset the iPod but can't get it to boot or start into diagnostic mode. I imagine the battery is dead, so will look at getting a replacement battery off eBay as I don't have apple care & it's out of warranty.
that sucks man... i saw a blog on replacing those batteries the other day http://lifehacker.com/software/ipod/how-to-replace-your-ipods-battery-236138.php maybe it will help you if you decide to go that rout

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