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Removing a file from SVN epository


I have a java project built in eclipse. I accidentally added some of the files in the bin file to the repository in the initial import. Now I constantly get a conflict with some classes.dex file, etc, that shouldn't even be part of the repository! I've marked the file as deleted, and commit that change. But still when I go to commit my whole project, SVN still complains that classes.dex remains in conflict, even though it doesn't exist on my file system anymore!

Is there a way to just get this file out of the repository? It shouldn't be there in the first place..

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1. switch to the svn-browsing perspective
2. locate the file in your repository
3. right click on it and select delete from repository (or something similar)
4. maybe you'll have to delete your project and check it out again because the svn-client complains. to be on the secure side you should backup your workspace (just copy the workspace directory to another location)

what svn-client are you using. if you're using subclipse you should consider switching to subversive because it's now the official eclipse svn-client.



thanks for the points.

so it worked for you?

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