How to programmically add multiple rows to datagridview

dave_sky used Ask the Experts™
I need sample code to programmically add a predeterminded number of rows to a bound datagridview with a click event.
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Dirk HaestProject manager

Did you already succeed to add 1 row ?
Did you try:
(add all the parameters as an empty string, 0, ... (default values)



>>Did you already succeed to add 1 row ?

I get this error message when I use the sample code from ms:
Rows cannot be programmatically added to the DataGridView's rows collection when the control is data-bound.
Hello Dhaest
If you have a data bound DataGridView, then you have probably a tableAdapter. I think you can add rows throug the tableAdaptor, and the Tableadaptor updates the dataGridView
Project manager
Rows cannot be added programatically to the datagridview's collection when control is databound
Solution: To add a row to a databound DataGridView, add the row to the underlying data source (e.g., DataTable or BindingSource).

Example below

DataRow dr;
DataSet ds; // this is bound to DataGridView
// some logic setting up dataset and tables within
dr = ds.Tables[0].NewRow(); // Table[0] of ds is the data I want to display
dr["Column1"] = "Finally";
dr["Column2"] = "Got";
dr["Column3"] = "this";
dr["Column4"] = "Working";
// add row to dataset now

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