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How to format my computer

hunter2007 asked
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Last Modified: 2010-05-18
I'm trying to format my C drive. I have tried in windows from start-my computer-c-format but it says I have to close othe applications and I have tried via MSdos prompt but this still does not allow me to format. Please can you suggest the easiest way to format and the process required.

Thanks All
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pop the os install cd in the computer and boot to it and let it walk you threw

what os are you using i might be able to be more precise with instructions

Download dban: http://dban.sourceforge.net/
make a floppy disk, insert in system and boot from it. Wipe the drive.
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Go here http://www.sysresccd.org/Main_Page then go to downloads then download ISO for the x86 family, after downloading burn it to a CD (usually with nero), then boot with that CD, execute the GUI with startx, open gparted, then delete partition of HDD and create a new one and format to whatever type you want, you should try to install Linux instead. is much safer and foolproof that windows.

Hope this help.
No matter what you do the one common thread with all the solutions is that you can't start windows ON the drive that you want to format.  You need to create some type of media (as has been suggested above) and boot to it.  You cannot have the command set be ON the disk you are clearing out.  Good luck.
If you don't want to lose data, get a new HD and make your current HD as your secondary (slave) HD.  Then you can install everything fresh on the new master HD and still have all your other data on the drive you are using now!

You might also want to get a prog like Partition Magic 8, and divide your new drive into partitions, using one partition for your C drive and putting all your system files on it, and using the 2nd partition for other things.

When a drive is formatted, everything on it is erased, everything!  

you dont have to format to reload windows... remember that...
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Does you computer hold the launch codes for the missiles of the free world?  If no, go ahead and format you don't need to backup anything.
But that just brings him back to the Original Question HOW does he go ahead and format?? (Launch codes and all)

Here is an article about how to make the boot disks it is not a bad l00t and looks helpful.

It includes information on your BIOS and the fact that you need to make the drive you are planning on booting from bootable.  Of course if you haven't backed anything up on this disk and you don't have the system software to put back on the disk then you might not be happy with the results.  I assumed you already knew that though.  So if you haven't already backed up the Launch codes, or if you don't have XP/Vista/Linux System disks then you need to look at more than just HOW to do it and start looking at WHY you would do it.  But you're an intermediate user and so, of course, you already knew that.


Create a XP bootdisk with http://www.bootdisk.com/bootdisk.htm

Then use FDISK or FORMAT to clean the drive
What other questions do you have??  Did you accidentally delete this question from your hard drive??

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