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CMOS battery location in laptop

nfritz3236 asked
Where is the location of the CMOS battery in the
Inspiron 5150 laptop?
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Top Expert 2007

This quesation has been asked before. The battery, I believe, is soldered to the motherboard.
Worse yet, it is soldered to the BOTTOM of the MB - just behind the left speaker
It's the Blue thing in my cruddy picture
Top Expert 2007

Requires a full disassembly and then a fair amount of de-soldering skill to ensure you don't fry something onboard.

I agree completely.  I don't see why, from where the battery is, that they would'nt just put a replaceable under the mini-pci cover.
Top Expert 2007

Uh, didn't you try the link I provided as it had reference a pic to the location of the battery??
Usually the first right answer is accepted, and since this question had been asked before, the link to the correct answer is proper in this case.

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