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Why is FTP get so slow?

bigmoxy asked
I'm working on a project to convert an existing web site from static to dynamic. Now that I've developed the core dynamic functionality I want to import the existing site files into my VS project. I started the import over 2 hours ago and it's still chugging. Yes, there are a lot of files and images however my previous Dreamweaver import of this site completed in about 90 minutes.

It appears that I couldn't cancel the operation if I wanted to. All of the buttons are greyed out. Even if I have to live with its slowness this time, could I use my FTP client to download a site in the future?

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Yes, of course you can (and much better than through dreamweaver)
I use FTP Voyager, It is great!!
But there are many free ones that work well, such as CuteFTP free edition.
Search here:


Thanks, sometimes IDEs have their own requirements for managing files so I assumed VS behaved that way. FileZilla is my FTP client so I'll use that next time.

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