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Need SigmaTel HD Audio driver THAT WORKS for a Gateway MX8739 notebook.

coastmobile asked
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Last Modified: 2013-11-17
I am installing XP Pro on freshly wiped Gateway MX8739 notebook.  I have succeeded in getting most drivers but still need the Audio and SM Bus Controller drivers.  The only thing I KNOW for sure is that the maker is Sigmatel on the audio and it is HD.  I have tried late drivers for Sigmatel and nothing has worked.  They seem to install fine, but on reboot tell me that they do not work with this hardware.  I would really appreciate any help here.  MS Update doesn't sense the device either so that is no help.  I know the Vista version is 6.10.5337.0
On the SM Bus Controller issue, no clue here.  Can anyone help?  Thanks in advance.  You guys are awesome!
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Am getting really frustrated here.  I've tried a bunch of SigmaTel HD audio drivers and have had a limited amount of success.  Mainly by letting it reboot and try to complete the install, but then it states that "this driver does not apply to this version" basically.  But, I let it go and then run MS update, it then sees something and installs a couple of things OK, but then I still get yellow exclaim marks, and no sound.  It looks like the same driver controls Audio and Modem codecs.  Appreciate in advance your help.


I would, I've tried everything else...but it doesn't say HD audio driver.  You think this one would be any different?
This one looks better
I found it on Gateway site by searching for Audio
There site is not very helpful
Sorry, That last one is for RealTek
Here is a link to the search page
Hi All
I had finally found a solution myself for this.  Thanks to all who contributed.  I really appreciate it.  What happened is that I found a driver on Gateway's website for another similar system using XP, but not a HD audio driver.  I had not seen this one before because of the search parameters I was using.  Once I altered my criteria, a better driver came up.  Unfortunately, I didn't write the info down at the time (this took place a month or so ago) so I can't be of help to others that come along with similar problem.

Anyway, that did the trick.  I then performed MS update and brought it up to snuff with current drivers.  Thanks again.

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