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Switch To ... Retry...Error while scanning

We have several HP ScanJet 7400c scanners attached to Dell workstations (Dimension 3000) with XP Pro.  When our users try to scan they get a dialog box that looks like the attached jpg.   Our users have to click on Retry every page.   In doing some research, it looks like it might be that USB ports don't like sharing IRQ's and on these systems they are sharing IRQ 16.  In addition, ACPI (?) will not let me manually assign an IRQ even though IRQ 22 is available after I disabled the modem (not needed).
Thoughts and help appreciated.
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There's a known incompatibility between this scanner and Dell Dimension Desktop computers. See these HP articles:
HP Digital Imaging -  Known Incompatibilities with HP Scanjet Scanners using USB Connections


HP Scanjet Scanners -  'An Unexpected Internal Error Has Occurred' Error Message While Scanning



Thanks.  I've been looking at those documents.  Do you think there is a work-around ...usb hub etc?
Earlier in one of the documents, "Dell recommends purchasing a powered USB hub to provide the USB devices with enough power to operate correctly. Using an available USB port from a USB keyboard can worsen this problem."

So, yeah, I'd try a USB hub. :-)

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