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Internet Explorer loses connectivity randomly

Hi All,

I am having problems again with an  XP Prof desktop on the network whose Internet Explorer (IE 7)loses connectivity randomly every other day.  

When this happens, i try pinging sites using URL and IP address and the pings are successful...meaning address resolution is working fine. But Internet Explorer freezes. A restart of the machine fixes it. I tried scanning the machine for viruses and it reported none.

I am wondering if it has something to do with the Antivirus software/firewall itself (Trend Micro Office Scan)... or if it due to scripts that run in the background?

Please let me know how to go about troubleshooting this issue.

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Can you send/receive emails successfully with your email client when this happens????

If so...

Try running Internet Explorer in Safe mode.  This will disable all add-ons, so that you can determine whether a plugin/add-on is causing the problem.  There should be a link to open internet explorer in safe mode under "Start Menu>All Programs>Accessories>System tools"

If it does work in safe mode, then you can manually disable add-ons by opening internet explorer and going to "Tools>Manage Add-ons>Enable or Disable Add-ons".  Disable "Add-ons currently loaded in internet explorer" until the problem stops happening.

Also, unless you're going through a proxy, in Internet Explorer, go to "Tools>Internet Options>Connections>Lan Settings" and make sure all boxes are unchecked. Usually, by default "automatically detect settings" is checked.  IE works better with it unchecked.
If you have IE icon on Desktop, right-click it and choose properties. If not, right-click IE icon in Start Menu and select Internet Properties. When the dialog comes up, select Advanced tab and click the bottom at the bottom right; Reset. Click OK and try running IE again. This button completely restores IE to install-defaults.
If Firefox works when IE doesn't, I'd suggest using that instead.

On another note, I'd check for spyware as well. Could be the cause of IE randomness.


Firefox doesnt work either. Neither does Outlook or any internet related programs. But like I said, ping works.

First, try disabling antivirus/firewall software (usually, you can right click on the tray icon and disable).

If that doesn't help, this may work...

Open device manager (you can right-click on "My Computer">Properties>Device Manager), and uninstall your network card's drivers (Right-click on Network Card driver>Uninstall).  Then Reboot.

Once your network card has finished reinstalling.  Try your internet. If it doesn't work...

Go to Start>All Programs>Accessories>Communications>Network Setup Wizard.
Follow the wizard.  You may be required to restart.

If that still doesn't work, then it would lead me to believe it is Firewall software or Hardware.  It may be related to your router (if you are using one), in which case a firmware update, and reboot may help.

If you want to eliminate the possibility of firewall software, then remove it alltogether before doing the above steps. Reinstall it once everything is working, and go from there.

One more thing.  Just for fun, turn the computer off, remove power, and let it sit for about 10 miinutes, then try the above.  Sometimes, that's the only way to really clear the arp cache on a network card.

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