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printer error

Dennis Miller
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-21
I am trying to install an HP printer and have the CD that came with it and also have tried to download fron site. I keep getting almost all the way through downloading and this error:
line 11
char 1
permission denied
MS VBS script runtime error
 I am guessing it is code wrong somewhere but I am no programmer or script writer. Please help me. I have never had this hard a time with a USB plug printer.
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Top Expert 2007
millerdog - could you please provide a bit more information - what model printer and what OS are you on?

From what I see in researching the error message, this typically occurs when the install program does not have the proper permissions for a specific entry.  A few things to check:  make sure you are installing the printer from a user login with full administrative permissions.  Also, I'm looking at the file you've listed C:\dell7201\dlbsEN.VBS - navigate to the dell7201 folder, right click and open properties.  Click on the Security tab and check permissions, you may want to specifically assign the logged in user full control over the folder, or even temporarily assign "Everyone" full control.

Hope those help.  If not, please provide additional information and we can go from there.



This worked fine. I rebooted and for what ever reason it now see's the device. I know the drivers were loaded but it never showed the new device. I am good now. Thanks. This is a first for this happening.


great help.
Top Expert 2007

Thank you.  It's possible the install didn't fully complete until the reboot.  Glad it's working.


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