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Sync Scrolling between two gridviews

Evan Cutler
Evan Cutler asked
I have to compare two values in gridviews.

If the gridviews require vertical scrolling, how can I sync between them, like the "Side by Side" function of Microsoft Word.

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>>If the gridviews require vertical scrolling
i think, normally gridviews are shown with no vertical scroll, unless you add them within a div tag or any other containers with fixed height.. So if the gridviews are placed between 2 independent div tags, did you try adding them to the same div tag?

if you really want it to be done in 2 div tags, try using javascript and the client event onscroll of the div tags to set the scroll position of the second div = the scroll position of the first one

Evan CutlerVolunteer Chief Information Officer


thanks.  That'll work.

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