.NET Framework 2.0 troubleshooting

I'm trying to install Nikon Capture NX on my new white box PC (Win XP PRO SP2, 3GB RAM, etc.). It would not run properly; I configured DEP to ignore it and I configured boot.ini to "AlwaysOff". Neither one of those worked.
The Nikon tech support folks then suggested that it is possible the .NET framework is causing an issue and I could remove it completely and just install the .NET 2.0 version to see if that resolved the problem.
I uninstalled Capture NX completely and followed their direction on removing the .NET framework using the Microsoft Installer Clean Up Tool. Using that, I've removed 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0.
Next, I renamed the Microsoft.Net folder to Microsoft.NET.old and rebooted the system.
When I try to reinstall only .NET 2.0, I get the error message, "Setup cannot continue because this version of the .NET Framework is incompatible with a previously installed one".
KB 906894 is about that error message. It says the resolution is to uninstall the .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 1 before you install the .NET Framework 2.0.
I cannot find out how to remove/uninstall the .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 1. I"ve searched the MS website; I've googled, etc.
I have also followed the instructions in KB908077 for manually removing 2.0, AND I have followed the instructions in KB824643 for manually removing 1.1 just to try to clean up any "junk" left hanging around.
But, I still cannot reinstall .NET Framework 2.0 (and that is what Capture NX needs).
And, I don't know which other apps won't work properly now that I've cleaned out most/all of the .NET Framework stuff.
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would you try deleteing the old folder, disable system restor. cleaning the registry using a tool or manually and trying to reinstall ?

waiting for your reply
dearnoldAuthor Commented:
Delete which old folder? for Capture NX, for Framework, ??
How do I disable System Restore?
I'll clean the Registry after I get clarification on these questions........

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any .net related folders.try the articles too.
waiting for your reply
dearnoldAuthor Commented:
I had checked kb/908077 already.
The Aaron Stebner blog with his uninstaller is what finally uninstalled all of the .NET framework pieces so I could re-install version 2.0.
Unfortunately, I still can't get Capture NX to work properly and I'm in touch with Nikon again on that. I believe that my question to the Exchange was answered.
dearnoldAuthor Commented:
orangutang's suggestions contained the one specific location where I found an uninstaller that got all of the pieces of the NET framework versions removed. It was the Aaron Stebner blog with his Uninstaller that worked. I had already looked at kb/908077 - that didn't help.
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