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SMTP emails being sent by programs not being delivered to outside domains

parabol420 asked
I have a server running Server 03 and Exchange 2007.  

I am having trouble sending emails from programs to anyone outside of our active directory domain.
We can send and receive email normally through email clients like outlook, or outlook web access.  Its just programs that are having trouble sending these emails.

The programs we use are developed in PHP and the php.ini has the address of our Exchange server listed as the SMTP server.

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I have run into this before with php scripts.  In my case I had a php script on my web server that was trying to send messages through my Exchange server using a user account I created and set permissions for to do so.  I enabled the IP of the sending server to be permitted to send and that fixed my problem.

Please read ALL the comments in the following link as it will give you further information to help you figure out the best way to approach configuring Exchange to work with your script:


What are the addresse that are being used by these programs? Are they related to your address space? Are there real accounts created for these programs? If filters are configured, Exchange will block or deny relay of any email sent from users that don't belong to active directory domain.
From your descriprion, i guess your programs are being denied relay, cause you can send to your active directory accounts and that's normal cause it's local, but outside your domain is considered relay. So make sure that those programs are using you name space *@mydomain.com or there are actually real accounts created for these programs.
Hope i was helpfull.

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