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Set default line weight, font, etc. in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

HighTechGeek asked
How do I set the default line weight and type in PP 2007?

Every time I draw a line, it goes back to a thin blue solid line and I want to draw a bunch of thick black dotted lines.

I right click on one of the thick black dotted lines and choose "Set as Default Shape", but that doesn't seem to do anything (except make the outline of all my shapes thick black dotted lines when I try to insert a new shape (e.g. square, circle, etc.). However, when I draw a new line, it is thin blue and solid.

On the same topic, how do I set a default text font for text boxes. Every time I add a text box, it starts at 18pt Calibri font and it is regular. I want it to Georgia font, bold, and 14pt.

I realize there are themes. If I have to edit the theme to make these changes, how do I do that?

Please give step by step instructions as the ribbon is driving me nuts.

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Here ya go:
Apologies for the delay.
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Thanks, but that doesn't work.

To reproduce the problem:

1. Open a new PowerPoint 2007
2. Click "Insert", "Shape", "Curve"
3. Draw a curve
4. Right-click on the curve and choose "Format Shape"
5. Change the "Line Color" and "Line Style/Width".
6. Click "Close"
7. Right Click on the curve and choose "Set as Default Shape"
8. Click "Insert", "Shape", "Curve"
9. Draw a curve

The new curve doesn't have the new attributes. However, if you "Insert", "Shape" "Rectangle (or circle, or triangle, etc.), they WILL be drawn with the new attributes.

It seems to work correctly for any "closed" shapes, but not for "open shapes" like lines, brackets, curves, arcs, etc.

Any ideas? Or is this yet another bug in the 2007 suite?
You're right.  Broken in PPT 2007.  I'll report to Microsoft.  Are you running SP1?


Yes. SP1

So far I don't see any advantage to 2007 over 2003. What benefits, if any, have you found?
Huge design benefits.  I'll never go back. :-)
See what Echo (fellow MVP) wrote here: http://www.echosvoice.com/2007.htm


Awesome links. Thanks again!

I see he lists item:
7. Shape and text presets
These make it really easy to apply a preset look to an object or text

Where would I find this? Perhaps this is the answer to my question - Would I be able to set up a custom preset, draw my line and then apply the preset?
Draw a shape on the slide and select it.  Then click on the Format tab in the Ribbon.  You should see the drop down for Quick Styles in the Shape Styles section of the ribbon.  See: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/powerpoint/HA101786241033.aspx

There's a custominzing tool just for this:
BTW, I think Office 2007 SP1 fixes the original problem, but PPT 2007 now has different default settings for lines and shapes.
Draw a straight line, make your desired changes, right click, set as default line.


Wow. That's a nice tool, but a bit overkill for just trying to draw a bunch of lines of the same type. Thanks though. It might come in handy in the future. Thanks for broadening my PowerPoint reference library with the links and opening my eyes to the advanced tools out there.

I guess the best work-around I have found for my issue is to draw all the lines at the default style, select them all, and then apply the changes. Hopefully Microsoft will get this corrected.