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Red Hat Linux Control Panel

I recently purchased a Red Hat Linux Server, which is located in Atlanta Data Center and I am in Pennsylvania.  Somewhat new to Linux and would prefer to administer it through a control panel instead of putty ssh.  i am trying to find a good, stable web based or desktop based control panel to administer the server.  I do not run dns or mail on it and do not offer hosting services, i use it strictly for web applications, mysql and web site for our company.

i would also like some way to monitor the server as well.

based on this info can anyone recommend some program to use.
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You could use phpMyAdmin for MySQL administration:
Also you can take a look at:

There are also commercial ones:

webmin is a good free web based control panel for administering services on a machine.  It falls short in fancy UI and account control for hosting multiple customers compared to commercial offerings, but it doesn't sound like that matters in your situation.

phpMyAdmin is pretty much the standard for administering a mysql database over the web.

As far as monitoring it depends on what you want to check and how complicated.  Bigbrother is a moderately complicated but powerful monitoring system for monitoring multiple machines and can check all aspects of a server - disk space, log files, etc...  Nagios is more complicated but arguably more... modern.  Both might be overkill for your situation.  You could go with just local scripts to check disk space, application health, etc. and just run them from a scheduler (cron), but it might be worth setting up bigbrother because it does give you a web status page, and they already provide scripts for just about anything you'd want to monitor.

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