Issue with vmware and exchange 2007

I have exchange 2007 running on a vmware host in bridged mode.At boot up the store and attendant don't start. It hangs a applying setting for a while. When I get in I can restart the services and I am good.WhWhats up? Is it bridged mode in vmware? What can I use if not bridged mode?

Process MSEXCHANGEADTOPOLOGY (PID=1172). When updating security for a remote procedure call (RPC) access for the Exchange Active Directory Topology service, Exchange could not retrieve the security descriptor for Exchange server object xxxxxx - Error code=80040a01.
 The Exchange Active Directory Topology service will continue with limited permissions.

Error 0x96f connecting to the Microsoft Active Directory

Unable to initialize the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service.   - Error 0x96f.

Initialization failed with transient exception: Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Directory.NoSuitableServerFoundException: The Exchange Topology service on server localhost did not return a suitable domain controller.
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Directory.DSAccessTopologyProvider.GetConfigDCInfo(Boolean throwOnFailure)
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Directory.TopologyProvider.PopulateConfigNamingContexts()
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Directory.TopologyProvider.GetConfigurationNamingContext()
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Directory.ADSession.GetConnection(String preferredServer, Boolean isWriteOperation, Boolean isNotifyOperation, ADObjectId& rootId)
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Directory.ADSession.GetReadConnection(String preferredServer, ADObjectId& rootId)
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Directory.ADSession.Find(ADObjectId rootId, String optionalBaseDN, ADObjectId readId, QueryScope scope, QueryFilter filter, SortBy sortBy, Int32 maxResults, IEnumerable`1 properties, CreateObjectDelegate objectCreator, CreateObjectsDelegate arrayCreator)
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Directory.ADSession.Find(ADObjectId rootId, QueryScope scope, QueryFilter filter, SortBy sortBy, Int32 maxResults, IEnumerable`1 properties, CreateObjectDelegate objectCtor, CreateObjectsDelegate arrayCtor)
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Directory.ADSession.Find[TResult](ADObjectId rootId, QueryScope scope, QueryFilter filter, SortBy sortBy, Int32 maxResults, IEnumerable`1 properties)
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Directory.SystemConfiguration.ADSystemConfigurationSession.Find[TResult](ADObjectId rootId, QueryScope scope, QueryFilter filter, SortBy sortBy, Int32 maxResults)
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Directory.SystemConfiguration.ADSystemConfigurationSession.GetOrgContainer()
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Directory.SystemConfiguration.ADSystemConfigurationSession.GetOrgContainerId()
   at Microsoft.Exchange.MessageSecurity.DirectTrust.RegisterDirectTrustMonitoring()
   at Microsoft.Exchange.MessageSecurity.DirectTrust.Load()
   at Microsoft.Exchange.EdgeSync.EdgeSyncSvc.OnStartInternal(String[] args). No user action is required. If this event is logged frequently, restart the Microsoft Exchange EdgeSync service or restart the Hub Transport server.  

Process MSExchangeFDS.exe (PID=2120). Temporarily unable to connect to Active Directory to read configuration data for object DialPlan (The Exchange Topology service on server localhost did not return a suitable domain controller.). Will wait for 60 seconds and retry.

he Microsoft Exchange Replication Service attempted to start the RPC server but failed because an error occurred when attempting to read the Exchange Servers Universal Security Group SID from the Active Directory. Error message:
The Exchange Topology service on server localhost did not return a suitable domain controller.

One of the System Attendant's task is blocked.
Function: COffLineABScanTask::Work

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Looks like a network issue, your exchange server can not connect to the domain. Try reading article and use "Method 3: Use the BootPause registry key to delay the startup of Exchange Server" to delay your exchange startup.

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lkuhnerAuthor Commented:
It was a issue with the network card on the host station. It was not passing rpc.
LEAD SupportCommented:

Can you please go in to further detail on how you resolved this.  As in what steps you took.
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We had this issue as well, except it turned out that we had to enable ipv6 on the NIC to fix it.
I am having this same issue,  I am a bit confused though cause it seems as if this is something that happens after the initial install.  I have had our test exchange server setup for 5 months and this just happened.  I am trying method 3 like bleeuwen is saying but I would just like to clarify to those that had this profblem it was random and not anfter initial install.

Expers-Exchange has been worth the money I paid.  This particular Expert Comment saved me several hours in diagnostic effort and the problem was solved in minutes.
Thks man the IPV6 issue did it for me. Saved a lot of time.
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