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outlook slow with exchange 2003, and new server

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Last Modified: 2008-03-18
I have been running outlook 2007 great for a long time.  pop3 mailbox on our file and print server.  We integrated a new exchange 2003 box and demoted our old server.  Single server enviroment with exchange running on the box.  I setup a new outlook profile and tested.  Outlook is running incredibly slow.  I can get it open and move around but it is painfully slow.  

I go back to the pop profile and it runs great.  It must be a server issue right?  Everything else on server runs great.  OWA runs fast.  It just puzzles me.  When I run outlook /rpcdiag how many lines should I see?

Any help would be appreciated
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Great RPCdiag link from sembee

All we can see here is mapi and possible directory look up slow from client side.

How is you client and server side dns setup?
Server specifcation and number of users?
Have you run troubleshooting assistant and best practice analyzer?




What is so strange is that I can access but it just takes a while.  I have a little more info that might help.  I am hard wired on the same network.  I run vista and office 2007.  The other XP users with Office 2007 do not have any problems at all.  It seems to be a vista problem.  I took my pc off the domain and changed the name and joined back and still nothing is quicker.  Could it be a vista issue?  opening the GAL takes about eight seconds.  Opening the group calendar takes about thirty seconds.  XP no problems.  
I fixed it.  This was the fix.

netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled

Thanks for the help.

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