Bug or am I doing something wrong?

I have a form that displays detail of a record.  When the Form loads it fill the Form controls with the values of a single record by passing it a PK value. I have an Add button that clears the controls and allows entry of new information.  I also have some rudimentary validation behind the DataSet in its partial class. It is triggered by ColumnChanged. When there is invalid data this line is executed:
DataRecord.SetColumnError("CustomerCode", "Invalid Customer Code")
Whatis happening is that the first time I change a Column and this line is fired it fills all the controls on the form with values that were there before I cleared it. It does not change the column that I added something from which I changed.
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The dataset represents an in-memory cache of data
You have to use the DataSet.AcceptChanges Method
See the example bellow. it might help
Private Sub AcceptChanges()
   Dim myDataSet As DataSet
   myDataSet = new DataSet()
   ' Not shown: methods to fill the DataSet with data.
   Dim t As DataTable
   t = myDataSet.Tables("Suppliers")
   ' Add a DataRow to a table.
   Dim myRow As DataRow
   myRow = t.NewRow()
   myRow("CompanyID") = "NWTRADECO"
   myRow("CompanyName") = "NortWest Trade Company"
   ' Add the row.
   t.Rows.Add( myRow )
   ' Calling AcceptChanges on the DataSet causes AcceptChanges to be
   ' called on all subordinate objects.
End Sub

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i am actually a little confused on what you want to happen

<<It does not change the column that I added something from which I changed.>>

what do you mean by this.-- are you actually trying to clear the values in the dataset from which you passed a record to this form?? do you want to remove?? how are you binding to your controls on the form displaying the record? what controls are you using?
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