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Anti spyware for guest account needed?  Or does anti spyware run under admin account keep user account clean?

Teenagers... thats probably is enough info right there.

I know it would be best to have a guest account for each kid to use, but do I need to run the anti-spyware programs under each user account?

Or will running the anti-spyware programs in the admin account catch the issues?  Almost seems easier to not have separate accounts if that is the case.

Spybot Search& Destroy
AdaWare 2007
programs like that....

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I'm new to this site and don't have a lot of points to give away, sorry!
That's one of the things I hate about cleaning computers - when they have more than one account. It's like cleaning 3 PCs instead of one.

It depends on the antiSpyWare tool you use...

Spybot will only search the current user.

AdAware supposedly searches all users - there is an option to turn that feature on - not sure if it's on by default. Not sure how effective it is.

Not sure about the others...

Whenever I come across a PC with multiple accounts, I try to get the client to delete the extras. Otherwise, I treat it like multiple computers - and it takes that much longer to clean.

If you install a product like Webroot SpySweeper, it will load under all the accounts when the user logs in. It will protect all the accounts in real time. However, you would have to sweep each account initially to clean any problems.

So if you haven't created the accounts yet, you could install SpySweeper, sweep the PC, clean it, then create the additional accounts. It should keep you relatively safe from then on.

I recommend SpySweeper to my clients to keep them clean. I use Spybot to clean PCs and sometimes AdAware. I also recommend AVG for the antivirus part. I stay away from suites. Just because SpySweeper is a great antispyware tool doesn't mean it's a great antivirus tool. Same goes for AVG and it's antispyware add-on.

Hope this helps.
Easiest solution I see is create 1 account that is admin (for you) and 1 user for all the children, this way you can parental control that single account for all of them and once a week you can also log into their account to sweep it with your programs. Make sure you do install whatever programs you use with all accounts.


High Tech Geek & LifesToy - thanks!

I did indeed create an admin account and a non-admin, installed my favorite utilities under both accounts, and used all utilities on both accounts - and will continue to do so on a regular basis.

Thanks again.

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