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We are using Maximo 4.1 application with SQL Server 2000. We could not open Maximo Application from Maximo server, but we can open from users PCs and use all the application.
Database is updating and auto backup also working fine, bur If we login in Maximo server, we are receiving the following error message:
SQL.INI File Error
WIN32CLINET: No Configuration file

If say OK,

Application Error:
DBMS not available: (3701) No configuration file


Please find attached error meesages and  help me to resolve the issue.


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Spot_The_CatConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I think this is a Maximo configuration problem - not a SQLServer problem as such. Look at the shortcut that you're using to open the Maximo application for the 'Start in' parameter.  Then look in that folder for the SQL.INI file.

If there's not one there which I think is likely to be the case then you should either copy the SQL.ini from the location that your client workstations access it from or map a network drive to the location that they are pointed to and change the 'Start in' parameter of the shortcut.

If you have got a local SQL.ini file then you should take a copy of it before copying the working clients SQL.ini file. Then try again.

Hope that helps

pvcdmAuthor Commented:
Your tips and solution is correct.
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