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Hi guys

Since last 7 hours i have tried to get the Freetextbox working unsuccessfully. I can see the textbox in the browser but i cannot get the Toolbar to show up, i have tried all the way possible, i have got the support folder in the root as well. but it doesnt show up. Can you please help me find or give a working example that i can use please.
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I do have the freetextbox working in an application I developed. I'll show you the steps I used to get it working.

I have a bin directory in may application that contains the following files.
- app_licenses.dll
- freetextbox.dll

In the root of my application I have a licenses.licx file.

These of course came with the freetextbox.
I have attached the control code that I have in my .aspx page.

Tested in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, does not work in Mac Safari.

I believe that is it, the code behind of course is dependent upon what you want to do with the textbox, doesn't have anything to do with the rendering of the textbox.

If it still doesn't work make sure you try it on more than one computer.
<%@ Register TagPrefix="FTB" Namespace="FreeTextBoxControls" Assembly="FreeTextBox" %>
<tr align="left">
<td colspan="2">
<FTB:FreeTextBox ID="FreeTextBox1" ToolbarStyleConfiguration="NotSet" TabIndex="2" ToolbarBackgroundImage="false" GutterBackColor="WhiteSmoke" BackColor="WhiteSmoke" Width="630" ToolbarLayout="paragraphmenu,fontfacesmenu,fontsizesmenu,fontforecolorsmenu,bold,italic,underline|bulletedlist,numberedlist;createlink,unlink,removeformat|cut,copy,paste,delete,undo,redo,print|justifyleft,justifyright,justifycenter,justifyfull,indent,outdent|iespellcheck,insertrule,insertdate,symbolsmenu" runat="Server" />
<asp:RequiredFieldValidator runat="server" ID="FreeTextBoxValidator" ControlToValidate="FreeTextBox1" SetFocusOnError="true" ErrorMessage="(message body is required)">

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Hi thanks for the tip this exavtly what i have been doing again and again and again, today morning when i came in and tried it once more and it worked. this is just crazy man. i must have missed a step. but thanks for the solution.

with freetextbox have you ever tried to insert pictures in the text, i was wondering how to enable that capabilty where the use can insert picture in between and where does it save it etc?
The freetextbox is a fully functional HTML textbox, you could go to and webpage and select the entire page and copy it into the textbox, I've done this before. The formatting may not be exactly right, but pretty close. If  you want to save this type of data to a database you need to setup a memo field for this purpose, a memo field will store HTML data and feed it back in the same format.


Hi Thanks for the reply

What about being able to paste or insert images in between the text, where and how to set up this function? in the toolbar if you notice there is a insert image button, when i click that and select and image, nothing happens....

My project did not include the Insert Image toolbar icon, I went back and inserted it to look at how it functions. I've included an image attachment that shows how this works. The bottom line is the textbox is an html element so the only way it can render an image is to have a fully qualified html path to the image not the image itself, but a link like a link on a webpage. In my example I put in http://aspdirector.com/images/aspdirector.gif, this is a link to an image I use on my application server. The textbox will render the image properly once it fetches it from the server.
On another note, there are other url addresses that can be used to render an image in an html element.

http:// - internet pointer.
file:/// - point to a file on a hard drive, would have to exist on local computer.

Any other path syntax that would work in the environment the program (freetextbox) is working.


Thanks for the reply

How did you get the dialog box on top, when i click the image button on the textbox i get this .
when the user selected the imsert image button they would normally select an image from the local folder and file should be displayed in the textbox. but also the file should be uploaded to the server for future as well. I am assuming thats how the image this works with freetextbox?
Also there is a feature imagegallery, i am not sure what that does.

You might have an updated version from mine, my version is Version=, I got this by opening the licenses.licx file with notepad.

The window in your image could still be used for this purpose, although you don't have a browse button. Most web applications don't reference files on local hard drives because there is no way to determine if all local hard drives will have what the link references.

If you had an image on an Internet server that all computers had access to than you can create a link to that image like the link below, although this is not the type of thing an average user would do.




I have got version, in any case how does the user insert and image in the text box if they can select which image they want.
that basically means i will have to have another system like ASPUpload or something to first upload the image files then give teh url of server folder?
I would have thought that freetextbox would do this.....
Do you know about this FTB:imagegallery function?
Unfortunately the function is limited in that it only references an image on a web server, so the end user won't be able to place an image from their local drive to the server using the insert image function in the freetextbox. So yes you would have to be able to supply someway for them to put the image somewhere where all users will have a link to it.

I just checked out the Image Gallery looks very promising. It appears to function as a group organizer for images. Gives the user the ability to select from existing images or upload images. I don't have any experience in setting up this option, should be well documented at their site in the forums section.

Good Luck...


Ok not a problem will do some more research on the imagegallery, do you know if there are anyother free editors around, i have had a look at the FCKEditor, but i am not sure if its free or not?

Even if do give a url of an image that ont he server, the FTB doesnt show it up on the textbox, i guess when i preview the page ia m sure it will show up there


And another things, FreeTextBox doesnt seem to support ajax
It's the only one I am aware of, it served a purpose when I needed it for composing emails in a project. Your needs are somewhat more complex. Not surprised that it doesn't support ajax. I wish I new more about ajax, haven't had the time to learn.


I am glad to report that i have figured the imagegallery out, and the insert image function is working well so far. i have doen full resting yet but i dont see a problem with it. its not exactly what we would want but its an exceptable workaround.

1. when you download the package, there is a file ftb.imagegallery.aspx, copy that file in the root of the site,
2. change the links in the fiole to match the image folder you have.
3. insert a "insertimagefromgallery" toolbar option in the FTB

and this should do the trick.


HOw I get the Freetextbox data in to the String