How do I use all of my tablet fetures on Windows XP.

I have a Toshiba Portege m400 laptop that originally had Windows XP Tablet Edition 2005 on it.  Because of a virus I was unable to remove, I reformatted my system.  I didn't have my Toshiba restore disks so I just installed XP Pro.  Everything is great except I have no use of my table whatsoever.  Is there anyway I can get my tablet to work like it did with XP Pro, and if so how?

Thank you.
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souseranConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Toshiba's stance is basically that due to licensing issues, they can't offer replacement media. You can either pay them to do the restore ($75 if the unit is still under warranty or $110 if it isn't), or purchase a retail copy of the Windows media then download the necessary drivers from

More information here:

Recovery/Configuration Builder CDs for notebooks - general information

You can find a number of eBay sellers offering what is purportedly a "Toshiba Laptop Windows Boot / Repair / Recovery CD" from anywhere from $5 on up.
Nice laptop.

You need to install the driver for your laptop as this doesn't come as standard with Windows XP.

Try the following link to download a touch pad driver matching the following criteria:
Product type: Notebook
Family: Portege
Product series: Portege M Series
Model: Portege M400
Short Model No:  All
Operating System: Windows XP Tablet Edition
Driver type: Touch Pad Driver
Country: All
Language: English
Save the file to your hard drive, double click on the filename and extract to a temporary directory.  Double click on the setup.exe application to start the driver install.

If you look on the Toshiba support website at the driver download page:

There may be other drivers you can download for your laptop since you have re-installed windows.

Hope this solves your problem.
Ask toshiba to send you the recovery media for your laptop. This usually costs only a little plus shipping.
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pmagoochAuthor Commented:
i called tech support and they couldn't provide me a recovery cd, because it wasnt availible

also i tried the drivers you were talking about, and it doesn't provide the same functionality that the tablet edition does
You might have to call sales, not tech support.
and235100Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Windows XP Professional is not the same as Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005. It doesn't have the Tablet PC support.

The best idea - if you cannot get a copy of Tablet PC - would be to install Vista Business (cheaper than Ultimate) - and it has full Tablet PC capability. (of course - this is only an option if your hardware is Vista capable)
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