Sending Email to Inbox

how can I send email ASP.NET or PHP to inbox not junk or bulk folder??
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All email should automatically end up in your Inbox ... UNLESS ... the spam filter catches it as spam. This is in other words highly dependent on your spam filter/software, so in order to guarantee it, you usually have to add the sender's email address to your approved list. There is nothing you can actually do when sending an email to 100% guarantee that it ends up in the recipients inbox.
mohammedfAuthor Commented:
>> There is nothing you can actually do when sending an email to 100% guarantee that it ends up in the recipients inbox.

are u sure 100 % ??????
Yes... I'm 100% sure... If this is internal mail (only through the intranet), it might be possible, but sending an email through SMTP to any given email address makes it completely dependent on the recipient machine.

Just think about it like this:
* If there actually was a way to guarantee an email bypassing a spam filter, EVERY spammer would use it, and any spam filter on the planet would be renedered useless. :-)

There are ways to lower the risk of it ending in a spam filter however... Things such as limiting the number of recipients in your emails TO field etc.

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mohammedfAuthor Commented:
thanks for ur contribution
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