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Failed Exchange 2000 Cluster

Hi All
I have a clustered Exchange 2000 environment running on 2 x Windows 2000 Advanced Servers.
2 x Dell PE1650
1 x Dell PV220S - 2 x 36Gb RAID 1 for logs and 3 x 72Gb RAID 5 for databases and Quorum.
 Anyway during a recent move to another site I managed to connect the 220S external scsi cables around the wrong way. As a result i have lost the RAID configuration.
I have recreated the lost volumes.
D: 36Gb for logs
E: 140Gb for E2K databases
Q: 1Gb for Quorum

I have backed up the Exchange databases using BackupExec v11D but dont have a system backup or Quorum backup. I can still boot the PE1650's but the cluster service wont start.
I un-installed the cluster service on both of the nodes and re-installed but I get an error something like cant create new cluster or join existing.

Not sure where to go from here?


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President/Principal Consultant
Do have the documented config somewhere? Without it, you are not going to be able to recreate this. If this is a production system, I would forego EE and contact PSS immediately.


Contact Microsoft Product Support? I am in Australia is there a 24x7 contact number?

24x7 support for Australia - pay per incident (since I don't know if you're a partner, have SA, premier level support, etc):  http://support.microsoft.com/gp/profsup   Advanced Support, call 13 16 30 (within Australia)

This will get you to someone, so if you're a partner or whatever, just tell them when you call and they'll transfer you.


Well I have the cluster up and running. Only I cant add the HTTP resource. I get the error "All the virtual server instances for this protocol are already in the cluster" with ID no: c1037f37.
In system manager the protocol exits but it is stopped and has a red cross on it.
Cant seem to find a fix for this.

That's the error you get when trying to start the resource, or when trying to add it to the cluster?


Okay. Called MS support and we managed to get the cluster up and running. Was unable to restore backup to the cluster. Ended up restoring to a recovery server and used ExMerge to export mailboxes to PST's.

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