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Toshiba Utilities Vista compatible driver download

JRFrank asked
I recently upgraded to Vista from XP on my Toshiba Qosmio F20-104 laptop.  The utilties no longer work i.e.brightness reduction toggle no longer possible and the volume button.......  Toshiba are not offering a patch for my model to address this issue - any ideas?
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Maybe you jumped the gun, did you run the upgrade advisor?
Not all devices for Xp Sp2 have the drivers yet for Vista, contact your manufacturer for updated Vista compatible drivers.
Before you upgrade a computer to Windows Vista, we recommend that you use the Windows Upgrade Advisor tool to help determine whether the computer can run Windows Vista successfully.

A list of Microsoft Knowledge Base articles is available to help troubleshoot error messages that you may receive when you upgrade to Windows Vista within Windows


I did indeed run the upgrade advisor tool twice before upgrading to Vista.  The utlities did not come up as a potential conflict.  The drivers are not available from Toshiba for this model.  However, after the upgrade, the sound did not work properly.  Toshiba did not have an up to date compatible driver for the on board sound card - I eventually found a Realtek codec that fixed the problem and now the sound works perfectly.  It may be that there is some work round that will correct the current issue of being unable to use hardware like the volume button and screen brightness toggle.

Yes unfortunately drivers add those tools to the current software.
Is this the correct manual?

your previous OS looking at the system specs
Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005?
Installing Vista Media center may solve your problem :P
Some upgrades from Brand names such as HP/Del etc offer their own version of Vista upgrades so that you don't suffer a loss of functionality with the current.
Your Vista version is not from Toshiba ?
NVIDIA GeForce Go 6600 - PCI Express x16<< how did you go getting drivers for video?
Is your onboad soundcard Realtec?
According to your system specs
Toshiba Bass Enhanced Sound System con
tecnologia SRS® TruSurround XT" e SRS®
WOW", altoparlanti stereo integrati Harman
Kardon®, controllo volume

Toshiba offers driver and BIOS support for Windows® Vista" on select models

select your model

let me know if they help and we'll look for beter drivers


The onbard audio is soundMax but the Realtek AC'97 codec fixed the "slo-mo" sound problem.  My Vista upgrade was bought for me by my husband for Christmas.  The GeFrce Go6600 seems to be working .  well enough but I am discovering new issues every day which I have to find solutions for. The spec for my machine is as you have stated.  Toshiba are not offering patches for my machine
Which version of Vista did he give you?
No unfortunately it looks like there is no compatible drivers for the actual model of your Qosmio  F20-104
Toshiba supports upgrading to Windows Vista on the following computer models, which were shipped with Windows XP installed.
Qosmio G35-AV600, G35-AV660, G35-AV650

To toggle audio and volume/ brightness etc  maybe mainboard drivers needed.
Applying drivers individually will fix the audio etc but may not connect the integral components to regester the keyboard display native to your particular Laptop.

If you are unhappy with this Vista you can have the original OS re-installed and give you back all the normal Toshiba media center features you are used to.

Digital/Analog Audio & Sound Drivers for Windows Vista


Sorry JRFrank I don't think there is a work around for this unless you update the bios  or wait till they find a patch for your model.
Vista is a fix as you go based on complaints from users.


I am using vista home premium.  I had pretty much come to the same conclusion that you have confirmed
Forced accept.

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