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Posted on 2008-01-27
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Last Modified: 2010-04-21
My new notebook,HP 6710b is pre loaded with windows vista. The Memory is 1 GB.

The advanced diagnositc report results indicate the above issues.
How to resolve this matter? Does it relate to low RAM?

The details are copied below.

System Diagnostics Report  
Collected: 27 January 2008 09:34:58
Duration: 69 Seconds

Diagnostic Results  


Symptom: The system is experiencing excessive paging
Cause: Available memory on the system is low.
Details: The total physical memory on the system is not capable of handling the load.
Resolution: Upgrade the physical memory or reduce system load
Related: Memory Diagnosis
Symptom: F: has less than 15% free disk space
Cause: A logical disk has a low amount of free disk space.
Details: F: has 739 MB free disk space. There is 10% free. Low disk space may cause poor performance and low virtual memory errors
Resolution: 1. Verify disk space is low by viewing the drive using "Computer" from the Start menu.
 2. Back up non-critical files and then remove them from the drive.
 3. Perform a disk cleanup.
Related: Free up disk space

Severity: Information
Warning: The average disk queue length is 1. The disk may be at its maximum transfer capacity due to throughput and disk seeks
Related: Disk Diagnosis
Basic System Checks  
 Tests Result Description
 OS Checks Passed Checks for attributes of the operating system
 Test Groups Tests Failed Description
OS Version Check 1 0 Passed
 Disk Checks Failed Checks for disk status
 Test Groups Tests Failed Description
SMART Predict Failure Check 1 0 Passed
Logical Disk Dirty Bit Check 1 0 Passed
Free Disk Space Available C: 1 0 Drive C: has 73% free disk space [76030 MB]
Free Disk Space Available E: 1 0 Drive E: has 83% free disk space [1309 MB]
Free Disk Space Available F: 1 1 Drive F: has 10% free disk space [739 MB]
 Security Center Tests Passed Checks for state of Security Center related information.
 Test Groups Tests Failed Description
Check that Anti-Spyware Product is up-to-date. 1 0 Passed
Check for Anti-Spyware Product that is enabled. 1 0 Passed
Check that Anti-Virus Product is up-to-date. 1 0 Passed
Check for Anti-Virus Product with on access scanning enabled. 1 0 Passed
User Account Control Enabled Check 1 0 Passed
Windows Update Enabled Check 1 0 Passed
 System Service Checks Passed Checks for state of system services
 Test Groups Tests Failed Description
Abnormally Terminated Services Check 1 0 Passed
Workstation Service Check 1 0 Passed
 Hardware Device and Driver Checks Passed Survey of Windows Management Infrastructure supported devices.
 Test Groups Tests Failed Description
Controller Device Configured Fail Count 20 0 Controller devices.
Controller Device Status Fail Count 20 0 Controller devices.
Cooling Configured Fail Count 0 0 Cooling devices.
Cooling Status Fail Count 0 0 Cooling devices.
Input Configured Fail Count 3 0 Input devices.
Input Status Fail Count 3 0 Input devices.
Memory Device Configured Fail Count 93 0 Memory devices.
Memory Device Status Fail Count 93 0 Memory devices.
Motherboard Device Configured Fail Count 13 0 Motherboard devices.
Motherboard Device Status Fail Count 13 0 Motherboard devices.
Network Configured Fail Count 11 0 Network devices.
Network Status Fail Count 11 0 Network devices.
Port Device Configured Fail Count 56 0 Port devices.
Port Device Status Fail Count 56 0 Port devices.
Power Device Configured Fail Count 2 0 Power devices.
Power Device Status Fail Count 2 0 Power devices.
Printing Device Configured Fail Count 10 0 Printing devices.
Printing Device Status Fail Count 10 0 Printing devices.
Storage Device Configured Fail Count 2 0 Storage devices.
Storage Device Status Fail Count 2 0 Storage devices.
Video Device Configured Fail Count 4 0 Video devices.
Video Device Status Fail Count 4 0 Video devices.
PlugAndPlay Device Configured Fail Count 178 0 PlugAndPlay devices.
PlugAndPlay Device Status Fail Count 178 0 PlugAndPlay devices.


Resouce Overview  
Component Status Utilization Details
CPU Normal 21 % Normal CPU load.
Network Idle 0 % Busiest network adapter is less than 15%.   Nic Broadcom NetLink [TM] Gigabit Ethernet using 688 bits and has 100,000,000 bits capacity.
Disk Idle 59 /sec Disk I/O is less than 100 (read/write) per second on disk 0.   Reads 46.9/sec + Writes 12.0/sec
Memory Busy 82 % 178 MB Available

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Expert Comment

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You have your virtual memory set to use all of your drives and you have it set to a value that is bigger than the drive space you have.
Virtual memory basically 'fakes' having more memory by using a chunk of the hard drive. That chunk is called the paging file.

Go into the 'Performance' tab under My Computer >> Properties >> Advanced
Select "Virtual Memory" >> Change.
Set all the drives except the C drive to use zero for Virtual Memory.
Set Virtual Memory for the C drive to whatever the total for all the drives was before.
Usually settings between 2 and 3 times the actual memory (1 Gb on yours) are used.


Author Comment

ID: 20753357
Should I change the settings if I add more RAM?
Any suggestion regarding best online store in US/Hong Kong where the  original HP RAM can be sourced?
Does this change affect performance of other drives since I have to use CD drive also often?
Does this report show any other malfunction?

thanks for your help.
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Expert Comment

ID: 20753453
Most people do. (Change settings.)
In reality it doesn't matter as long as you aren't running out.
You can motinor what % you are using (and by what programs) by going into
Task Manager >> Processes >> View >> Select Columns
.. and put a check mark in Virtual Memory

Drive performance will actually improve.
Virtual memory is refreshed (rewritten) frequently.
As you have it now it's being rewritten to several virtual drives on the same physical drive. That means the heads have to rewrite several different physical places on the drive every time it refreshs. With only one 'drive' doing Virtual Memory duty the drive won't have to write so many places and so will work less and have more time for other tasks.

I don't see any other problems although I'm not sure what all the "Status Fail Count" stuff is. I haven't seen that utility program before. - It may be related to not having enough memory available so something isn't loading.

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Accepted Solution

PCBONEZ earned 200 total points
ID: 20753498
Also, if you set the Min and Max Virtual Memory to the same value it helps performance.
Windows is always resizing Virtual Memory based on what you are doing.
If you lock it to a specific size that way Windows won't rewrite it for the sole purpose of resizing and that means less drive activity is required to manage Virtual Memory.

These performance tweeks were very common back when memory was expensive and systems had less to work with.
It kind of died out when memory got cheaper.
Vista is a memory hog though so systems with borderline memory for running Vista may need to go back to doing all this.


Author Closing Comment

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