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Setting up singe Exchange Server 2007 with multi-domain, address rewrite step by step for newbie

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Last Modified: 2013-11-30

I am a total newbie of Exchange Server 2007, now my company want to buy one single server with the Standard Edition. But I am no experience of setting it up after installed successful. since I discovered the interface is not user friends for newbie.

I had network network knowledge like IP, DNS MX etc. and had experience setting up mail server by hMailServer, MDamoin etc.

Let me introduce my network now,

1. We have a single Exchange Server 2007 installed, and it have Hub, Mailbox, UM, client access role, since we only single server, so can not install the Edge Tran. Server Role that the Microsoft Document said can using e-mail rewrite feature ... so now I am lost the way on how to using a single Exchange Server to service multi- user (One user will have at least three domain SMTP address, but we just one AD ...), multi-domain that support e-mail SMTP address rewrite. I need a detail steb by step with example help by EE's Experts.

2. Our DNS Server are using the ISP one, that had added a MX Record and IP point to our Exchange (LAyer 2 DMZ with Public on this Server and setup okay on the firewall)

3. Our AD is "connectlandcomputer.com"

4. We have many domain, I just give three for EE's Experts to help me make the step by step example for me, they are "sellthegun.com", "colorprint.org", "designcard.com"

5. I had maked some user account on the AD already, like

But above user also have the e-mail address that printed on their name card for different target customers like
jimmy@sellthegun.com,          jimmy@colorprint.org,         jimmy@designcard.com
menson@sellthegun.com,      menson@colorprint.org,     menson@designcard.com
tiffany@sellthegun.com,         tiffany@colorprint.org,       tiffany@designcard.com

And since the CAL is expensive, so my company give above user to received all e-mail, i.e.
menson@connectlandcomputer.com will received all other three or more domain by one AD account, not by menson, menson01, menson02 etc, by using this way need 3 CAL for the same user .... too expensive for SME Business.

menson@connectlandcomputer.com (Menson using this account to login to the OWA)   <---   menson@colorprint.org (Other outside send to this address)

menson@connectlandcomputer.com   <---   menson@sellthegun.com

It is mean the domain "connectlandcomputer.com" will be using for login with OWA, not for public or give other know this is a SMTP Address, we just want other Public user by using the other three domain on this case like above for communication using.

And can let the user using MS Outlook / OWA can choose using which domain to be the reply address for outside

So I need the e-mail address rewrite function that can work with above case, but I don't know how to do it and how to setting Exchange Server that can send and received above all domain's e-mail.

Thank you very much.
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And ... Please note.

I had installed the DNS in the same server too while installing the ADby using dcpromo. Hope this information have helpful.

OK, i don't have a exchange 2007 server, but on exchange 2003 server you can reach your goals easily, and i'm sure it's the same for exchange 2007.
Now yes, you can have multiple domain names hosted on your exchange server, even your internal domain name is different, that has nothing to do with it. All you have to do, is to launch your ESM (exchange system manager)---->recepients---->recepient policies. Right click on recepient policies and choose new recepient policy---->email addresses and click OK. Enter a name then click the E-mail addresses (policy) tab and edit the email address shown by replacing it with the desired email address. Perform the same thing for every email address space.
Example: create a policy as mentioned above for the sellthegun.com by entering @sellthrgun.com in E-mail address (policy) tab. Another one for colorprint.org by entering @colorprint.org and finally for designcard.com by entering @designcard.com.
Once done, launch active directory users and conputers, choose the desired user, properties, email address, and enter or add or edit the desired email address.
Once you create your policies, your exchange server will accept the new email addresses as local addresses, so your users can have any combination of the mentioned addresses in the policies.
Hope this will help.



Thank you, but Exchange Server 07 the Menu is total new and not same as your said one.

Can you try download a 64/32 bit trail install on a testing server then teach by 2007's menu? Since it have many subcat.

For example, on the "Exchange Management Console" interface, it will show the "Organization Configuration" --> "Hub Transport" --> "E-Mail Address Policies", but ..

under add "new address policies", it have many other choose for me to choose that I don't know what is it and how to setting ...

Please see the Screen Capture here.

Thank you.



Thank you, let me on this weekend try it.

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