mp4 to normal dvd with menu

i want to convert my mp4 files in to normal dvd player so i can play on any dvd player.

it would be good if i can fit two or three movies in it..

i m using windows vista and what software i need to do it...

if there is any trick then please give instructions.

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I have used Nero for years for my video editing and now on Vista Ultimate still using Nero.  They originally when CD burners came out the bundled software that came with them and have progressed up throug the years to become a leader for CD/DVD editing software.  I have Nero 7 which was the one I had to upgrade to for Vista and right after I bought it they came out with 8 but haven't upgraded as the extra features I don't use.  Nero also gives you the AVCHD editing which is the coming thing for Camcorders with HardDrives built in to record to.  Have read many forums on this and highly recommend them.  
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Vista has a couple of default options for formatting DVD discs you'll use.  One is for discs you plan to use ongoingly rather than finalizing, the other is to finalize and make them totally compatible with other players, which you'll likely need to choose.  Is this your issue?
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Apologies, meant to include this link for more detail:
":0)  Good luck,
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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
There are a vast number of conversion goals these days, this touches on a few.  If you wish more specific guidance, please do advise.

I sure wish that all providers would quit being proprietary (spank me), and make their solutions more compatible in terms of cross-platform so that we (the end users who buy their stuff), could use our purchased tools to get our desired results.  That's my wish.  Alas, that said,

deepakabc, first understand that MP4 is another name for mpeg4, quictime format.
Programs used to identify these
MPEG2 is the standard format for DVD so you'll need to convert it to mpeg2.

DVDs for standard DVD players store their content as MPEG-2. Importing your movie into iMovie, sending it to iDVD and then burning a DVD is the easiest way to convert the .mp4 into a suitably-formatted MPEG-2 .VOB.
Burn mp4 file to a standard DVD?

Tools you can use
Super to convert it to mpeg2, but the size maybe too big for a DVD 4.7 gig in Super you can reduce the video frame rate
This guide provides information and tips for some of the things you might need to do with your MP4 file, like playback, conversion (to and from), splitting/joining, mux/demux and more.

ImTOO MPEG to DVD Converter
Xilisoft DVD Creator
MP4 to DVD Creator
You shouldn't really have to convert anything. If you have any DVD burning software at all, just drop your file(s) in. All DVD burning software will author the DVD to the standard, which is VOB files (Mpeg-2 video and compatible audio), IFO and BUP files. Most DVD burning software can deal with a multitude of files including avi, mpg, wmv etc.without any pre-conversion.
The only hiccup you may get is that all mp4 files aren't the same. There is the old MP4, and the new MP4 H.264 files. Also Divx and Xvid  refer to their files as mp4 although they often carry the avi extension (using the avi container format). Some burning software doesn't like the non-standard Divx and Xvid type files.
As for fitting more that one movie onto a DVD, it depends on how your current files have been already compressed. For instance Buena Vista, who do the Disney movies compress 4 x Disney classics with Divx and then re-compress them into MPEG-2, VOB files so they will play on all DVD players.
convertxtodvd is a good program to do what you are specifying. That or Pocket Divx, can even try Autogk but I would go with convertxtodvd first.

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The author wants to create a "normal" or standard DVD with menus. These are MPEG-2 VOBs -- Not Divx as Pocket Divx makes or even Xvid + Divx as Autogk makes.
Very true, my mistake. Convertxtodvd does though.
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