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Vista keeps losing 'Connect automatically' setting for WiFi

I have Vista Home edition on a Toshiba laptop. I want to connect automatically to my home ADSL hub automatically when I log onto the laptop. The setting found in Wireless properties that says "Connect automatically when this network is in range" sometimes is ticked and sometimes not. When it is ticked, everything runs smoothly. It then loses the tick without explanation. Is there a way of setting this to be ticked all the time? Or is there a script that can periodically check to put the tick back if it disappears?
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With Vista all I can say is to make sure you have the latest Vista updates and have the latest version of drivers for the wireless card. ALso see if the vendor of the wireless card has a wireless configuration utility. I have several client who run Vista and it's been alot of headaches when it comes to any type of networking or filesharing!!!!!

If you have not done this already, try and create the wireless connection manually.
You may want to check this link out: http://www.whizblaze.com/network/vista.htm
Hope this helps.
It is better to uninstall the existing setup and reinstall the updated vista drivers. There may be some problems with vista drivers, so itz a better sugession to update the latest driver. The problem can also be because of some user authentication, as the connection ticks off some time coz their may be authentication failure which in turns leads to disabling the connection. For the security purposes the conncetion may be refreshed which in turnd may lead to the problem u face and as discussed. You can go for a manual setup. For help of the same you can refer:


Thank you all for your prompt responses, and my apologies for my tardy response time

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