WindowsImageBackup Won't Stop Running

I can't get my windows backup to stop!!  I've disable it in the backup accessories yet once a week it's creating backup and chewing up 50GB of my hard drive space.  I'm using Acronis to do my backups now and don't need the windows backup anymore.  I can't find it in my Task Scheduler.  I don't know what to do.  HELP ME!!!!
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LeeTutorConnect With a Mentor retiredCommented:
By Windows Image Backup, I presume you mean what MS calls a complete pc backup?  This page tells how to do it by using the Task Scheduler, and it has helpful screenshots.  Maybe you can use it to find out how it appears in Vista's Task Scheduler:

There is a passage near the end of the article about how to test the scheduled pc backup; the key is doing this:

To test your backup, click the Task Scheduler Library node in the left pane of Task Scheduler. Then, right-click your Complete PC Backup task and click Run. You should see the command prompt appear as the Complete PC backup runs. If it doesnt run, make sure the account you specified on the General tab has administrative privileges.
davidcahanAuthor Commented:
wow....there it was.  right in my face, just like the "last passage" says. a little hidden but for microsoft not so bad.

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