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Where can I find Dreamweaver site examples to quickstart a new site?

ttheimer asked
I have use Dreamweaver for years but always building from scratch or taking over a working site.  I need to start a new site for a client as quickly and simply as possible.  I have been looking for sources - free or pay - where I can view and download pre-built site skeletons.  I know there must be many such libraries available but I can't seem to find the right search terms to locate them.  

I am looking for designs for a LAMP environment or straight HTML which I can supplement as needed.

Can someone offer the combination of search terms for Google or other search engine?  or provide examples of such sites?  Thanks
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In the ed2k (edonkey2000) network! (download client @ www.emule-project.com )& search "Web Templates" or just use this link: ed2k://|file|Web%20Design%20Template%20-%20300%20Homepage%20Dreamweaver%20Templates.zip|329019392|793F0737A75E4F8AA0DF3826C068E2AA|/
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