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DVD Burning Software by Cyber Link

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Last Modified: 2013-11-17
I purchased a dvd maker to convert my vhs to dvds through my computer using usb.  I am using Cyber Link Power Director and Power Producer.  The VHS file is being saved as a MPEG file.  The file should be edited before burning however I'm not sure if the versions I own that came bundled with the hardware can do this or if they can convert the MPEG to a playable file on a dvd.  I have checked their website and got more confused.  The versions are Power Director 5.0 and Power Producer 4.  
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Hi Cert98, yes it can be confusing so let a laywoman help you,
video capturing is so long winded in words so I'll try to brief,
Your capturing from VCR?
Uisng a PVR which captures it and converts to the format you choose in the settings unfortunately there is no atu settings.
I have Power producer and also Director as well for my Power DVD
okay you now have an mpeg waiting to burn to disc?
You need Nero to burn it to DVD
All I do is thius, I open nero smart start choose DVD in the cd selections, then choose DVD video then NEW
In this panel there is 2 folders VIDEO_TS AUDIO_TS
drop the mpeg onto the it and hit convert, it will take a couple of hours max to convert and burn.
Some great guides here

Let me know what else you need and I'll endevour to fill in the gaps simply, any details you can provide is appreciated  gives me a clear picture of how you have setup the whole process and also what is your system specs.

spelling correction>>there is no auto settings.
If the DVD maker is doing its job it will be saving your VHS tapes as MPEG-2 files, saving with the .mpg extension. As DVDs use MPEG-2 you already have the correct file to burn. Power Director 6 has a "Create Disc" button (don't know if Power Director 5 also has this). But if it does you just drop your mpeg file ont the Power Director timeline, do any editing that you wish and press "Create Disc" -- and that should take you through the Burn DVD process.
Merete's reference to "In this panel there is 2 folders VIDEO_TS AUDIO_TS" is relevant only if you are ripping DVDs -- not VHS tapes.

Sorry Fredshovel your wrong,
 when burning to DVD Video using Nero and using the method I commented on
drag and drop the mpeg2 onto the NEW DVD video
copy of>>
 I open nero smart start choose DVD  in the cd selections, then choose DVD video then NEW
In this panel there is 2 folders VIDEO_TS AUDIO_TS

Hey Merete, How did the files that you want to burn get into this VIDEO_TS folder? -- unless you created it -- say in Super -- and placed the files in it. I have no such folders. They are only created if I rip a DVD.
Seems to be some confusion. The VIDEO_TS and the AUDIO_TS folders are created in the DVD authoring process of all files other than those ripped of an existing DVD. For isntance I haven't ripped a DVD for more than a year now. I just deal with MPEG and AVI files from camcorders or other sources. I haven't even seen a VIDEO _TS folder for more than a year. But I can drop any file into Nero or Ulead and make a DVD by just dropping the files on the timeline -- no conversion -- no VIDEO_TS  folder.
But, as you say, if Nero wants to have this folder, so be it. But I'm wondering where it comes from, because I don't have one on my PC. My current folder is called MINI DV, where I keep all my files -- even if they're not from a MINI DV. And, as I said I don't convert them, I just edit them and burn them mostly into ULEAD -- but it's the same in NERO.
I can't see how say an mpeg or avi file could get into a VIDEO_TS folder if you didn't create it.
The folders in your 'print screen' look to me like they're created by Nero after ripping a legal DVD.


yeah your right. I was illistrating the the 2 folders in Nero when you open the DVD video, should  have explained I used mpeg2 I just drop it onto Nero and it uses a DVD plgin and converts it to DVD Video. I havent done this for ages will have to play around with it and see if I forgot something.
Using Nero 6 Ultra.
No ripping of DVD was used lol.


Hi Fredshovel again, if you want to bring up the empty VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS like my image to drop valid video files directly into the VIDEO_TS folder
I'm using Nero 6 Ultimate
I open Nero Start Smart then choose Nero burning rom from the left panel
then choose DVD Video from the left column
 then NEW
 there you have the same page in my snapshot.
...and the answer is?

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