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Frame Wont display with Safari Browser

cawaylen asked
I am developing an application using ASP pages. The section where I have a problem involves three ASP pages (pages 1, 2 & 3). Pages 1 & 2 both contain a frame  (frame 1 & 2). Page 2 is opened up in frame 1 within page 1. Page 2 then displays some text contained in Page 3 within its frame 2. The page works perfectly in IE, Firefox and Netscape but in Safari, while page 2 displays ok in frame 1, it, in turn, displays only the collapsed border for its frame 2. The text coming from Page 3 is not displayed. I have added the code style='display: block;' to both frames 1 & 2 have not been able to get the text in Page 3 to display.
How can I get the text in Page 3 to display?
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I have heard of other problems with frames and Safari, but without Safari on MAc to test at the moment, it is hard to debug.  If you are familiar with IFRAMES, use them instead of frames, and that should work, as I have tested Safari with IFRAMES, and they work great.  They are also better for search engine indexding, and blend in better into a page.
some Iframe examples --

the last shows the useful webpage-in-Iframe design


I have tried iframes but get the same result
It has to be something in the ASP code then, something not agreeable to Safari.  Knowing that, I would suggest you ask the MODS to move this question to the ASP section, and share the code snippets with them, they will be able to solve it.  See tiny Help link at top right of page, ask question to MODS.


Look as I might, I can't see any tiny Help link at top right of page.,


Ok, I have now resolved this issue. The situation is that while Internet Explorer will allow width and height as percentages, Sarari will not. Because scrathcyboy sent me a hyperlink to a web page setting down the permissible values of each iframe parameter, I am awarding thepoints to him. Thank you for your help.


While the expert did give me the permissible values of parameters for an IFRAME, the expert did not point out the fact that IE will allow percentage values whereas Safari will not. I therefore had to experiment before finally finding out what caused the problem.

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