How to save <textarea> to MYSQL text field using PHP

Hi there,

I use to know but havent done it in a while now, I want to save a text area line for lin "as is". To a text field in my MYSQL table. The problem is though i saves the text as is but when I display the field, is places it all as i line why??
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Julian MatzConnect With a Mentor Joint ChairpersonCommented:

Your question isn't very specific, but if you are sending the text from a textarea to a MySQL text field, and then fetching it afterwards as HTML (display the text on a HTML page), then you would need to convert the line breaks into HTML code. To do this you could use the nl2br() function.
$text = "This is\n a sample\n to demonstrate the nl2br\n function.";
echo nl2br($text);
This is
a sample
to demonstrate the nl2br

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