Converting .TOD files from JVC Camera using Vista 32Bit

Running Vista Home Premium 32-bit and have a JVC HDD camcorder that
downloads HDD using .TOD files.

Camera came with Everio SW for the .TOD files, and subsequently purchased a number of Cyberlink products trying to get the HDD environment to work in Vista with movies we've made.  I could potentially use some of the software to convert .TOD files to convert to MPEG-2and make videos. But I expect them to work in the new Vista environment without all the limitation that exist!  Cyberlink points to Everio, and so on.  Want to be able to convert the .TOD files to MPEG-4 or whatever, and have them work so I can create movies in any format!  The proprietary nature of .TOD and the lack of compatible conversions in the Vista environment is mind-boggling!  

Asking Cyberlink for help on these issues with all the products we've ordered/installed/registered and then getting viable solutions has been less than productive!  That said, looking for insight and alternatives, since the internet searches on these .TOD file problems with JVC HDD camera produces lots of problems and questions, few (if any) viable answers in compatibility and open conversion options in the Vista environment.  HELP!

Anyone tried/used Silverlight from Microsoft to help this issue?

Solutions here are what I seek!  Thanks in advance.
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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designAsked:
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The proprietary nature of .TOD and the lack of compatible conversions in the Vista environment is mind-boggling!  
understatement,   many Vista  users have  headaches..Vista uses the UAC and may restrict you so you would have to run the programs with elevated levels.. most software will not run in Vista until the drivers are updated and then permisions set.
Silver light I only just heard of this..

Media Composer isn't even supported on Vista.
 Many many bugs in Vista.
High definition video editing once again is still fairly new and expensive
Digital Video Editing Getting Started FAQ

From experience windowsxp is still the best OS for video editing in all aspects. the AMD processore the best.
Go and buy yourself a new hdd and a new xp pro sp2 disc and install it to that.
Have both. But use XP for the video processing. A the quality of the hdd also is important.
Dual-Booting Win XP and Vista,1759,2109434,00.asp

 the best format is mpeg /2  then you can work with almost all good video formats converting editing etc.

Want to be able to convert the .TOD files to MPEG-4 or whatever<< mpeg4 is a very high standard  video and I dont recomend this  unless you wish to work with mpeg4 exclusively.
used in these supported
QT/ ipods are not fully supported  in Vista yet. MS is offering a Patch.
Ulead VideoStudio 11 Plus is the first consumer video editing and DVD authoring software to offer a complete HD solution including BD, AVCHD, HD DVD and HDV support

You can lay the blame on the manufactures that have not updated their products to support Vista..
 technology is too fast and never fully tested before being shipped.

Don't know if this assists you but wait a day as its a long week end comments maybe slower

Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designAuthor Commented:
Hi,  Merete, thank you for your input.

Looking for solutions to make the existing VISTA 32 Bit environment work with his JVC camera and .TOD files created through time.   Cyberlink's Power Director 6 (non upgrade) claims to be one that handles the .tod conversions, but he had the Upgrade Power Director 6 version which DOES NOT support .TOD conversions.  More than a little disappointed in Cyberlink to say the least.  At any rate, waiting for input that will satisfy his need to convert existing .tod files in the Vista 32 bit environment.

There are so  many in the same boat without solutions that work for them, in the JVC .TOD / Vista environment, so would like to keep this open to collect viable alternatives.

":0) Asta
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designAuthor Commented:
It doesn't look to me as though it is even an Operating System problem, since people in the XP, Vista, MacWorld and elsewhere experience the same issues with .TOD conversions.....  quick sample here:
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ULEAD VideoStudio 11+ supports .TOD files

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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designAuthor Commented:
Brilliant, good find, thanks!
Your welcome, I did give it a sec thought since most people ask for free stuff.
I have all the Ulead tools bundled with my video camera
Glad it helped you.
All the best
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designAuthor Commented:
I've had a number of Ulead products through time as well, and liked them all.  After moving from XP Pro SP2 to Vista Ultimate, haven't reinstalled them (yet), unclear if they'll run OK in Vista in non-compatibility mode, if need be.  But that's another issue.  Again, thanks bunches.  ":0)

Pinnacle Studio 11 Plus/Ultimate is a video editing program we recently purchased, and find it interesting.  Tried importing a few .TOD files, worked flawlessly!  An alternative find.  Nifty!

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