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Customizing Multiple Calendars in Outlook 2007.

vsllc asked
I've been juggling two seperate Outlook profiles and need to combine the two into one.  I just created 2 additional calendars in Outlook 2007 (all under My Calendar) for a total of 3.  I'd like to customize a little further but have not been able to find answers to the following.  I have one calendar for two different businesses and one for personal.

1.  Can I change the name of an existing calendar?  Now that I have 3, I'd like to change the original labeled calendar to something different.  Can't do it through Properties and don't know if it is possible.
2.  How can I change the color of the other calendars.  They defaulted to Red and Green.  No matter which I select, when I go to Tools->Options I only see the color of the main calendar to change.
3.  How can I assign color category to certain items.  For example, I'd like to make appointments in my Red Calendar always show as Red without having to choose the color each time.  Likewise, I would like appointment in my Green Calendar to always show as Green.  This way when I overlap I can easily see the blocked out times and which company they are for.  Without assigning a color, the color outline is too light for me to make out.
4.  Is it possible to assign holidays to more than just the main calendar?  I'd like them to be on all the calendars.
5.  Is it possible to assign tasks so they appear under the right calendar?  For example, I'd like to assign personal errands to one calendar and business tasks to their respective business calendars.

I have no information in my new calendars so if I need to recreate them under their own group to get some of this to work, that is fine.  Also, I do not have MS Exchange.  I just want to set this up on my laptop.

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Top Expert 2010
Hi, vsllc.

1.  Yes.  Switch to Fodler view, then right-click the calendar folder and select Properties.  The name should appear at the top of the General tab.  Change it to anything you like.

2.  The Calendar settings under Options only apply to your default calendar unless you say to apply the color to all calendars.  I don't know of a way to set each calendar to a separate color.

3.  I don't know of any built-in means of doing this.  I can do it with a bit of scripting if that's an option.

4.  Yes, I can do that with a little scripting too.

5.  Not through any means I know of.

Why have multiple calendars?  Why not keep everything on one calendar and simply color code the items?  


Thanks for the response.

I need to separate calendar items for two businesses and personal.  At times it can be lot to look at at so I need the ability to group and hide calendar items.

The scripting, would that carry over through later upgrades or is there a potential for conversion errors?
Top Expert 2010

I understand.  My though was that you could put everything on one calendar and then use views to control what you see.  

I can't say for sure whether there'd be issues with the scripts in later versions of Outlook.  I have no way of knowing what changes Microsoft will make to the scripting facility in Outlook.  


Oh.  I was unaware of views.  I saw multiple calendars and just jumped into that.  I should have a look at them if it could make things easier.

Thanks for your help.
Top Expert 2010

You're welcome.  Glad I could help out.

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