vista fonts folders

Hello I am backing up my pc to do a reformat and normally with XP i would just delete the C:fonts folders and replace with my back up with all my fonts. Vista wont let me delete that folder i dont think, does anyone know how to delete this folder?

Thank you.
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The best way to install fonts in XP or Vista is to go to Control Panel, select Fonts and use the Install New Font option, it will ask you to browse to your font list. It will not create duplicate fonts, it will only install what it doesn't already have. In Vista once you open the Fonts icon in control panel you will need to hit the Alt key to bring up the menu that has Install New Font option.
Steven SheeleyConsulting SW Engineer - Lync/Skype4BusinessCommented:
I'm not sure why you're asking this, but first off, Vista does not store it's fonts in C:\Fonts, they are stored in C:\Windows\Fonts (or whatever directory you named your windows installation).

To delete any unwanted fonts, right-click their names in the Control Panel's Fonts area and choose Delete. Don't delete any fonts that came with Windows Vista. Just delete fonts you've installed. Deleting some of Windows Vista's built-in fonts will remove letters from your menus, making Windows Vista even more difficult to use.

To delete the files outright, just remove them from there.  There's really no need to remove the directory.  Please remember that these are system fonts as well.
sticks2uAuthor Commented:
To better clear this up here is what I want to do.

I have backed up C:windows\fonts folder and I would live to go into that folder on a fresh install and delete the whole folder and replace with my back up.

Yes my back up has system files so we are ok there and the reason I dont like the control panel install fonts is because when I have used this in the past it would install for some reason about 3/4 of my fonts and that is no good.

I need these fonts all of them. Is there a way to delete the folder in vista that you know?

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Steven SheeleyConsulting SW Engineer - Lync/Skype4BusinessCommented:
I highly recommend against removing the fonts folder for several reasons.  1) - It's a system folder and is in use at all times.  2) - Vista uses the fonts on an ongoing basis.

I would recommend that you simply navigate to you C:\Windows\Fonts folder, hight the fonts you want to remove, right click and select delete.  Then replace as needed.

This is the safest way to remove and replace the fonts that I am aware of.

sticks2uAuthor Commented:
Steve thanks for that.

But I would like to know per my question if you can delete the fonts folder in vista.

This has not been asnwered yet.

The delete command is available when selecting the folder, it may be read only, change that attribute and give it a go. The system may have major problems after that. I'm not sure if your question is can you delete the folder or can you delete the folder without other problems.
sticks2uAuthor Commented:
You cant change it from read only to something else.

My question is just to simply delete the system font folder.

I might have to take ownership and then do it
The only way that you could do this is from XP's recovery console - or when booted from a live CD/DVD.
Entering Safe Mode will not allow you to delete this folder - as SteveSheeley said, it is a system folder and constantly in use.

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sticks2uAuthor Commented:
what i dont understand is I can drop n drag this FONTS folder to the C:windows\fonts and it will ask to copy and replace. Well sure that would be great just dump what i have into this main FONTS folder right?

Well it will do it for most of my fonts but for some wierd reason it will leave some fonts out. So in order for adobe PS to see my fonts it looks in the C:fonts folder and I dont know if I can change it where to look or if there are any other options to manage fonts etc.

Normally I just copy and paste my fonts into the windows folder fonts but after awhile of clicking to replace over and over it gets old.

IT would be so much easier to delete one folder and then drag in the other one etc.
Am I wrong in saying that True Type fonts can be copied to the folder but Adobe fonts require installation from the Adobe Type Manager?
Steven SheeleyConsulting SW Engineer - Lync/Skype4BusinessCommented:
I understand what you are asking sticks2u, but we have an issue here.  Windows Vista treats files and folders in a different manor than Windows XP and below does.

First off, and I mean no disrespect by my words, if it was a simple copy and paste, then you'd not need the "Install Font" option.  Deleting the folder itself can place you system in a unstable condition ending up in a BSOD from which you'd have to attempt a recovery console re[pair or a reinstall.

You'll noitice that if you click on the folder "Fonts" and then click on Properties, you'll get an abbreviated dialog without the security tab.  Attributyes are set to Read-Only and clicking on Advanced brings up a dialog that allows you to set the Archive and Index attributes as well as the  Compress or Encrypt attributes (Depending on what version of Vista you are running).

I'm really sorry, but I do not know of a way to do what you are asking to do in Vista.  It's a whole different ball game.  :(

sticks2uAuthor Commented:
Yeah I agree vista is a pain..:)  So i will just try to push them fonts in by copy and pasting them one by one.
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