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Store user information inside NTFS structure

mondoricco asked
I need to store some information into "Comments" attribute of NTFS file structure and subsequently I need to retrieve the same informattion. How is possible to do this?
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I thinkthis is what you are trying to do http://www.mepis.org/node/7076 hope it helps
Open My Computer. Go C:\. Right-click on Name, and from the drop-down menu, select Comments. The Comments column will now show on the screen, but we're not done. From the menu at the top of the screen, select Tools | Folder Options. Select the View tab. Click the button to Apply to All Folders. Click Yes at the "Set all the folders on your computer . . ." message. Click OK all the way back out until you only have My Computer open.

To actually make comments on the various files, right-click on the file. Go to Properties. Go to the Summary tab and double-click in the white space to the right of Comments. Type your comments in the text box. Don't go overboard.

Alternately you can use a tool like Meta Changer, http://pcwin.com/Utilities/Meta_Changer/screen.htm but be aware that this program will change the file date on any files on which it is used. If your time and date stamps are important to you, and you have a small number of files, you're better off doing the changes by hand.


Tanks, but I would like to do it in programmatic mode using C# or vb.net language.

Then your best bet might be to post your question in the Programming section as well as here. You can send an email to the Zone Advisor asking making the request. His contact information can be found here:

I have thought about this Q since you asked it, and cannot find any valid reason to do this.  You really do not have any reason or "right" to modify the contents of a file, unless you are trying to make it do something it is not supposed to do.  I am not accusing you of wrong doing, I don't judge anyone, but I see no reason to even attempt to do this programmatically.  The file is written AS it is written.  Why try to change it????

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