Need Suggestions For Windows Game Development Tools Using C#

I'm interested in seeing what is available for building Windows PC Games using the C# programming language.  What I am looking for is some kind of game development kit that offers capabilities similar to or more than kits such as the following which use forms of the BASIC language or spinoffs of C++:

Dark Basic

Game Studio

Rather than learn a new language such as one that comes with the above 2 sample kits, I'm wondering if something is already available for C# developers.  Something that already has many ready made routines and frameworks to help make game development move along quickly.  Please only suggest products that use C# under Visual Studio and not something that uses a different language.  I will post another question later asking for toolkits or frameworks that are alternates to using c#.  For now, I just want to know what is availble for those who want to onlly program with C#.  Any info is appreciated.  Thanks.

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zonkermanAuthor Commented:
Hello PockyMaster.
Thanks for the link.  I'm reading up on it now.  I never heard of XNA.  I hope it has a higher level of game development than the traditional DirectX sdks.  I don't have the time to get into low level coding.
take a look at this site
they have a free game engine for xna and a cheep 3d c++ game engine.
XNA has some nice working samples as well that you can modify and use as a starting point.
It allows you to create Xbox360 games, or windows games as well.
zonkermanAuthor Commented:
Hello B Iversen and PockyMaster.
Thank you both for the information leads on Windows Gaming.  It looks like XNA is something new that is gaining some momentum but there is so much to read on it that it will keep me busy trying to understand it for a few days.  

The link to has a pretty interesting interface to XNA called Torque X Builder 2D Game Engine which sounds like it is something created to further simplify XNA development.  That tool will also take several days of my time to check out.  I probably won't know if I should code direct with XNA or using the Torque X Builder to XNA.  My initial feeling is that I will go with the Torque tool if it truly does make the development easier and satisfies what I am trying to do.  

I'm going to split the points on this topic since both your answers are so closy tied to what I am looking for.  Thanks
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